Herbworks TianChi
Herbworks TianChi
Herbworks TianChi
Herbworks TianChi
Herbworks TianChi
Herbworks TianChi

Herbworks TianChi

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TianChi® is an adaptogenic herbal supplement designed to give you:

  • More Energy
  • Less Stress
  • Increased Focus
  • Adrenal Support

By stopping the outflow of energy due to stress, TianChi® creates the perfect balance to make you feel VITAL and ALIVE.

Calm, clear energy

You might be wondering why an energy tonic would have anything to do with relieving stress. The reality is, if you truly understand how your body works, you have to deal with your stress response in order to create energy.

TianChi® does this by re-establishing homeostasis and helps to strengthen the weaknesses that accompany long term stress. At the same time, TianChi provides specific nutrients that feed the neurotransmitters responsible for powering up your brain and processing information while also helping to reduce inflammation.

Ben Greenfield – bengreenfieldfitness.com

By stopping the constant outflow of energy due to various stressors throughout your day and feeding your brain what it needs, TianChi creates a perfect balance for you to feel vital and alive.

The adaptogenic herbs in TianChi® are nature’s perfect food and are specifically designed to be the most important herbs you can incorporate into your daily diet to relieve stress and create “REAL Energy.”

The happy drink

TianChi® is designed to calm your nervous system and energize your brain. This combination allows you to relax while your brain picks up speed and processed information at a much faster pace. We’re not talking about having a highly stimulated brain, just one that is working like the one you remember when you were younger. When you drink TianChi, you just feel great!

The special nutrients and adaptogens in TianChi® are typically hard to come by if you’re eating the typical Standard American Diet (SAD). Over time your brain can become undernourished and sluggish. When your brain gets locked into the depressed type of energy, it is often difficult to be upbeat and positive. What you think may be information overload could really be just a reaction due to an underfed brain and stress.

The truth is, you can reverse this with TianChi…it’s a joyful experience you can build on. With less stress and a brain that’s fully awake, you will no longer be caught up in the moment and see things differently.

Brighten your mind

TianChi is the perfect supplement for modern living, turning your brain on, keeping it on, and allowing you to be happier, more creative and motivated with focus and mental clarity. Designed to have a positive impact on your cognitive ability by fueling your brain for maximum performance, there are ingredients in TianChi that are clinically proven to promote and maintain optimal brain health.

Drink TianChi® first thing in the morning and have all the calm, clear energy you need to “truly” enjoy your day.

Getting the most out of TianChi

TianChi is easy to use – mix contents of a single packet win 8oz of cool water, let stand for 2 minutes to allow herbs and nutrients to re-hydrate then stir vigorously. Drink immediately and enjoy your day.

TianChi is extremely effective when taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The nutrients and herbs will energize your brain, allowing you to enjoy a day of success.

For athletes, TianChi® is a great pre-workout drink that gives you plenty of energy and focus to stay on top of your game. In addition, the adaptogens will help you recover in a positive way.

TianChi is a stand alone formula designed for a specific energetic effect. It is best taken apart form other supplements by at least one hour so that each can be properly and efficiently absorbed by the body.