Organifi Critical Immune
Organifi Critical Immune
Organifi Critical Immune

Organifi Critical Immune

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Nature’s Strongest Immunity-Boosting Compounds


Olive leaves have been renowned for their health benefits since the Bronze Age. Greeks and Egyptians relied on olive leaf extracts to resolve fevers, anxiety, and other health conditions. Studies have shown its effectiveness in assisting with cold and flu respiratory symptoms. 


Mentioned in 5,000 year old ancient Chinese texts, Astragalus has been a natural cold remedy in China, Mongolia and North Korea for millennia. It's being researched today for its ability to increase stamina, strength and vitality.


This berry's medicinal use dates back to medieval Europe. The berries were served in jams and jellies to ward off colds and flus. Today, elderberry is recognized around the world as a natural immunity supporter.


This was used in ancient Indian and Sri Lankan medicine for fevers, coughs, and sore throats. It’s loaded with healthy compounds called andrographolides. These compounds have been shown to have antiviral, and antioxidant properties.