Medical Medium Products Launch in South Africa - Vimergy SA

For every person in this world, at least one event in their life will provide the opportunity for a shift in the right direction. This is the event that, when acted on, will change the course of their life for the better. 

We believe that, when it comes to health, this event has just arrived at your doorstep - and we'd like to introduce it to you. 

The Medical Medium, Anthony William
In health, there's a lot of throwing around of supposed "facts" these days. Keto advocates bash vegans because "research" says so. Vegans bash keto advocates because "research" says so. General medicine (aka big pharma) bashes the entire alternative health industry because apparently "research" says so. 

So...who is right again? Research seems to always support the side that is arguing at that moment. 

Mmmh...doesn't that sounds even slightly supsicious? 

If research always seems to be on the side of the person that is currently arguing, doesn't that indicate that the person that is arguing (e.g big pharma, keto, vegans, paleo, ayurveda etc etc.) must somehow skew the results in their favour? 

How can it be that wherever you turn and no matter which news source you listen to, they are always right and for some reason, they always have data and studies backing up what they say. 

There's a big smelly fish in the air and no one seems to notice. 

Maybe it's not the fault of science, but rather the fault of humans corrupting science in their favour? 

We believe so. It's hard to trust anyone who is financially tied to a cause.

This brings us to the main point of today. 

Since humans can't always be trusted with their oftentimes skewed and faked "science" because there is money involved and everyone wants a piece of the latest trend pie, we need an independent source that doesn't care about money or is involved in any agendas. 

Fortunately, we have found suhc a source, one that doesn't take sides and just reveals the real, honest truth. 

It's the Medical Medium, Anthony William. 

You'll find a lot of nonsense talk about Anthony William throughout the internet. People from all sides of "science" bash him for fake science news. They claim that since he isn;t backed up by any science or doesn't have a degree in any medical field, he cannot be trusted and is outright dangerous. 

Well, tell that to the over 3.4 Million Facebook followers and 2.1 Million Instagram followers, with thousands upon thousands of success stories and "miracle" health reversals due to his teachings, and you will hear a different story. 

The thing with Anthony is that he TRULY heals people. People heal from mystery symptoms, such as auto-immune diseases, ADHD, depression and axiety, epstein-barr virus, fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, lupus, lyme diseas, migraines, vertigo, rheumatoid arthritis etc etc. 

Why? Because Anthony reveals the true, hidden causes behind all the health isues, with no strings attached. He isn't financially tied to any brand (although he does recommend brands, however without any financial ties to them), doesn't follow or support a particular dietary approach or pay for studies to that turn out in his favour. 

His words are pure because they aren't corrupted. 

So where does he get his knowledge from? That's the biggy and it's the one thing that will either make you love or hate him, depending on your belief system. 

If you think that humans know it all and that science is king and will figure it all out, then you might not like his source. If you are open to the fact that humans don't know it all and that other, spiritual sources exist, the you might like him. 

Anthony isn't here to take sides on religion either. His source is what he calls the "Spirit of Compassion", who talks into his ear and tells him clues and answers to the problems of modern humankind. He talks truth because he gets it from a pure source. He didn't create any of the ideas, Spirit gave them to him. And Spirit doesn't pick sides either.

No matter what belief you adhere to, this is for you. This information is out of the system of money and agendas. It stands for itself. 

We highly recommend you read the books "Medical Medium" and "Liver Rescue" by Anthony William to get his full story. Be open and truly listen. We also sell them in the shop if you don't want to wait for shipping., The New Hub for Medical Medium Products in SA
Through the food and supplement recommendations made by the Medical Medium, we have gathered a list of products that are recommended on the Medical Medium protocol. These products are now available on right here on our website for all South Africans to buy. 

The products are couriered nationwide, with free delivery over R3000. We want to bring these healing tools to as many people as possible and launch the Medical Medium movement here in SA, to allow people to truly heal, no matter the condition they might currently be in. There is hope at the end of the tunnel and this is it. 

The products accompany the dietary guidelines and recommendations of the Medical Medium protocol. They are, as always, an addition to a proper diet. 

Hope For The Future
As humanity moves deeper into the big turn of the century, modern-day living and all the pollution that comes with it, is taking a toll on our health. People are getting sicker and sicker because we aren't designed to live in this type of environment. 

Anthony's recommendations are the solution to a world filled with toxins and stress. Spirit gave him information that is specifically designed to support us in today's times because our body can't do it by itself anymore. A thousand years ago, we could eat differently and it wasn't such a big deal. Nowadays, it matters a lot. 

We encourage you to join us in this movement and start by reading Anthony's books. 

Let's look forward to an even brighter future.