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Medical Medium

Explore the wisdom of the Medical Medium with our collection of supplements and resources inspired by Anthony William's teachings. These products support various health interests and are crafted with a focus on holistic healing.

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VitaminSea Wild Atlantic Dulse FlakesVitaminSea Wild Atlantic Dulse Flakes
Sold outVimergy Organic Wild Blueberry 250gVimergy Organic Wild Blueberry 250g
Sold outVimergy Organic Zinc Sulfate 115mlVimergy Organic Zinc Sulfate 115ml
Sold outVimergy Organic B12 30mlVimergy Organic B12 30ml
Vimergy Organic B12 30ml Sale priceR 999.00
Vimergy Micro-C 180 CapsulesVimergy Micro-C 180 Capsules
Vimergy Micro-C 180 Capsules Sale priceR 1,749.00
Vimergy Organic Barleygrass Juice 250gVimergy Organic Barleygrass Juice 250g
Vimergy Organic Lemon Balm 10:1 115mlVimergy Organic Lemon Balm 10:1 115ml
Vimergy USA Grown Spirulina 250gVimergy USA Grown Spirulina 250g
Vimergy Organic B12 115mlVimergy Organic B12 115ml
Vimergy Organic B12 115ml Sale priceR 3,199.00
Vimergy Organic Lemon Balm 10:1 30mlVimergy Organic Lemon Balm 10:1 30ml
Vimergy Organic Cat's Claw 115mlVimergy Organic Cat's Claw 115ml
Vimergy L-Lysine 270 CapsulesVimergy L-Lysine 270 Capsules
Vimergy L-Lysine 270 Capsules Sale priceR 1,499.00
Sold outVimergy Celeryforce®Vimergy Celeryforce®
Vimergy Celeryforce® Sale priceR 679.00
Vimergy 5-MTHFVimergy 5-MTHF
Vimergy 5-MTHF Sale priceR 1,699.00
Vimergy Magnesium Glycinate 180 CapsulesVimergy Magnesium Glycinate 180 Capsules
Vimergy Organic Ashwagandha 10:1 115mlVimergy Organic Ashwagandha 10:1 115ml
Vimergy Organic Goldenseal 10:1
Vimergy Organic Goldenseal 10:1 Sale priceR 1,299.00
Vimergy Vegan EPA/DHAVimergy Vegan EPA/DHA
Vimergy Vegan EPA/DHA Sale priceR 999.00
Sold outSpirit Healing Lemon Balm TeaSpirit Healing Lemon Balm Tea
Vimergy Curcumin with TurmericVimergy Curcumin with Turmeric
Vimergy Curcumin with Turmeric Sale priceR 1,279.00
Vimergy Organic Nettle 10:1Vimergy Organic Nettle 10:1
Vimergy Organic Nettle 10:1 Sale priceR 1,199.00
Sold outVimergy Organic Chaga Mushroom PowderVimergy Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder
Vimergy USA Grown Spirulina CapsVimergy USA Grown Spirulina Caps
Vimergy Organic Atlantic Dulse ExtractVimergy Organic Atlantic Dulse Extract
Vimergy Organic Licorice 10:1Vimergy Organic Licorice 10:1
Sold outWymans Wild Blueberry Juice 16 oz.Wymans Wild Blueberry Juice 16 oz.
Sold outWymans Wild Blueberry Powder 225gWymans Wild Blueberry Powder 225g
Vimergy Organic PropolisPureVimergy Organic PropolisPure
Vimergy Organic PropolisPure Sale priceR 1,499.00
NOW Foods Melatonin 5 mg
NOW Foods Melatonin 5 mg Sale priceR 325.00
Vimergy Organic Milk Thistle 20:1Vimergy Organic Milk Thistle 20:1
Vimergy GabaVimergy Gaba
Vimergy Gaba Sale priceR 1,299.00
Vimergy GlutathioneVimergy Glutathione
Vimergy Glutathione Sale priceR 1,099.00
Sold outSpirit Healing Hibiscus TeaSpirit Healing Hibiscus Tea
Spirit Healing Hibiscus Tea Sale priceR 289.00
Sold outSpirit Healing Nettle Leaf TeaSpirit Healing Nettle Leaf Tea
Vimergy Adapto B-ComplexVimergy Adapto B-Complex
Vimergy Adapto B-Complex Sale priceR 1,799.00
Vimergy Organic Vegan D3Vimergy Organic Vegan D3
Vimergy Organic Vegan D3 Sale priceR 769.00
Save R 115.00Alexia Rich Liquid Silica Collagen Booster 1000ml
Alexia Rich Liquid Silica Collagen Booster 1000ml Sale priceR 630.00 Regular priceR 745.00
Sold outSpirit Healing EBV Buster TeaSpirit Healing EBV Buster Tea
Vimergy Organic Olive Leaf 10:1Vimergy Organic Olive Leaf 10:1
Spirit Healing Liver Detox TeaSpirit Healing Liver Detox Tea
Spirit Healing Burdock TeaSpirit Healing Burdock Tea
Spirit Healing Burdock Tea Sale priceR 399.00
Save R 176.00Orgono Living Silica Collagen BoosterOrgono Living Silica Collagen Booster
Orgono Living Silica Collagen Booster Sale priceR 1,099.00 Regular priceR 1,275.00
Sold outSpirit Healing Red Clover TeaSpirit Healing Red Clover Tea
North American Herb and Spice Oreganol P73 Super Strength - 13.5mlNorth American Herb and Spice Oreganol P73 Super Strength - 13.5ml
Cymbiotika B12 + B6Cymbiotika B12 + B6
Cymbiotika B12 + B6 Sale priceR 1,599.00
Sold outVitaminSea Irish Moss FlakesVitaminSea Irish Moss Flakes
VitaminSea Irish Moss Flakes Sale priceR 299.00
Spirit Healing Liver Chai TeaSpirit Healing Liver Chai Tea
Sold outSpirit Healing Radiation Detox TeaSpirit Healing Radiation Detox Tea