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Cymbiotika, a leader in premium wellness supplements, offers a range of products that prioritise purity and potency. From vitamin D to omega-3, their supplements are crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Elevate your health with Cymbiotika's collection and experience the difference.

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Sold outCymbiotika Allergy DefenseCymbiotika Allergy Defense
Cymbiotika Allergy Defense Sale priceR 1,299.00
Cymbiotika Shilajit Mineral ResinCymbiotika Shilajit Mineral Resin
Sold outCymbiotika Plant ProteinCymbiotika Plant Protein
Cymbiotika Plant Protein Sale priceR 1,999.00
Sold outRya Organics Phyto-Retinol Serum + Oil
Sold outCymbiotika ProbioticCymbiotika Probiotic
Cymbiotika Probiotic Sale priceR 2,499.00
Sold outRya Organics Facial Mist
Rya Organics Facial Mist Sale priceR 899.00
Cymbiotika Metabolic HealthCymbiotika Metabolic Health
Cymbiotika Metabolic Health Sale priceR 1,799.00
Cymbiotika Creatine+Cymbiotika Creatine+
Cymbiotika Creatine+ Sale priceR 1,499.00
Cymbiotika ZINC ComplexCymbiotika ZINC Complex
Cymbiotika ZINC Complex Sale priceR 899.00
Save R 200.00Cymbiotika B12 + B6Cymbiotika B12 + B6
Cymbiotika B12 + B6 Sale priceR 1,399.00 Regular priceR 1,599.00
Cymbiotika Liposomal Magnesium L-ThreonateCymbiotika Liposomal Magnesium L-Threonate
Cymbiotika Synergy D3 K2 COQ10Cymbiotika Synergy D3 K2 COQ10
Cymbiotika Synergy D3 K2 COQ10 Sale priceR 1,999.00
Cymbiotika NexusCymbiotika Nexus
Cymbiotika Nexus Sale priceR 2,099.00
Cymbiotika Lip Conditioner
Cymbiotika Lip Conditioner Sale priceR 699.00
Sold outCymbiotika Rumi Dream - Herbal Sleep TonicCymbiotika Rumi Dream - Herbal Sleep Tonic
Cymbiotika The Omega (Vegan)Cymbiotika The Omega (Vegan)
Cymbiotika The Omega (Vegan) Sale priceR 1,999.00
Sold outCymbiotika Adrenal Super TonicCymbiotika Adrenal Super Tonic
Cymbiotika Adrenal Super Tonic Sale priceR 1,399.00
Cymbiotika Synergy Liposomal Vitamin CCymbiotika Synergy Liposomal Vitamin C
Cymbiotika Magnesium OilCymbiotika Magnesium Oil
Cymbiotika Magnesium Oil Sale priceR 1,099.00
Sold outCymbiotika Heal-All Topical FormulaCymbiotika Heal-All Topical Formula
Cymbiotika Organic Longevity MushroomsCymbiotika Organic Longevity Mushrooms
Cymbiotika Pure HydrationCymbiotika Pure Hydration
Cymbiotika Pure Hydration Sale priceR 1,199.00
Cymbiotika NMN + Trans-ResveratrolCymbiotika NMN + Trans-Resveratrol
Cymbiotika Apple Cider VinegarCymbiotika Apple Cider Vinegar
Cymbiotika Super GreensCymbiotika Super Greens
Cymbiotika Super Greens Sale priceR 1,999.00
Cymbiotika Liposomal GlutathioneCymbiotika Liposomal Glutathione
Cymbiotika Bio-Charged Activated Coconut Charcoal – Micelle Liposome DeliveryCymbiotika Bio-Charged Activated Coconut Charcoal – Micelle Liposome Delivery
Cymbiotika Liposomal Elderberry DefenseCymbiotika Liposomal Elderberry Defense
Cymbiotika Molecular HydrogenCymbiotika Molecular Hydrogen
Sold outCymbiotika Inflammatory HealthCymbiotika Inflammatory Health
Cymbiotika Inflammatory Health Sale priceR 1,999.00
Cymbiotika ParaXCymbiotika ParaX
Cymbiotika ParaX Sale priceR 2,499.00
Cymbiotika Laundry Detergent
Cymbiotika Laundry Detergent Sale priceR 1,199.00
Cymbiotika Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refill
Cymbiotika Probiotic Hand Lotion Refill
Cymbiotika Probiotic Hand Soap Refill
Cymbiotika Probiotic Hand Lotion BottleCymbiotika Probiotic Hand Lotion Bottle
Cymbiotika Multi-Purpose Cleaner BottleCymbiotika Multi-Purpose Cleaner Bottle
Cymbiotika Probiotic Hand Soap BottleCymbiotika Probiotic Hand Soap Bottle
Sold outCymbiotika Healthy GlowCymbiotika Healthy Glow
Cymbiotika Healthy Glow Sale priceR 2,099.00
Sold outSave R 100.00Cymbiotika Liposomal SleepCymbiotika Liposomal Sleep
Cymbiotika Liposomal Sleep Sale priceR 1,099.00 Regular priceR 1,199.00
Save R 150.00Cymbiotika Dog's Hip and JointCymbiotika Dog's Hip and Joint
Cymbiotika Dog's Hip and Joint Sale priceR 949.00 Regular priceR 1,099.00
Save R 150.00Cymbiotika Dog's Allergy & Immune HealthCymbiotika Dog's Allergy & Immune Health
Cymbiotika Dog's Allergy & Immune Health Sale priceR 949.00 Regular priceR 1,099.00
Save R 150.00Cymbiotika Dog's CalmCymbiotika Dog's Calm
Cymbiotika Dog's Calm Sale priceR 949.00 Regular priceR 1,099.00
Save R 150.00Cymbiotika Dog's Probiotic+Cymbiotika Dog's Probiotic+
Cymbiotika Dog's Probiotic+ Sale priceR 949.00 Regular priceR 1,099.00
Cymbiotika Organic Ceremonial MatchaCymbiotika Organic Ceremonial Matcha