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Article: Bulletproof Coffee - The Weight Loss Tool Sweeping The World

Bulletproof Coffee - The Weight Loss Tool Sweeping The World
bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof Coffee - The Weight Loss Tool Sweeping The World

It's a sensation sweeping the world. Coffee, oil and butter make you lose weight? 

Yes, they really do. In fact, 5kg a month is about the average we have seen with hundreds of customers over several years. 

Millions of people have joined what's called the Bulletproof Coffee Diet movement over the last 7-8 years. 

But let's step back a little. What is this whole Bulletproof Coffee thing all about? 

Dave Asprey - The Inventor of Bulletproof Coffee

The brains behind Bulletproof Coffee is Dave Asprey. He started his claim to fame when he went for a trip to the Himalayas, where he found that locals living there were drinking a blend of yak butter and green tea on a daily basis. He tried it and was fascinated by the mental clarity it provided. 

Returning back to the States, he couldn't help but feel that this experience was meant to tell him something. Dave was actually quite overweight and had struggled with terrible brain fog and weight gain for years, leaving him searching for answers, which he seemed to find nowhere. 

Deep inside, he felt that this tea might be the solution to his struggle. So he went on a quest to figure out what in the tea caused the great benefits he experienced and tweaked and tweaked until he created what he then coined Bulletproof Coffee - the coffee that provides mental clarity and focus and helps with weight loss, especially belly fat. 

During his research and experimental stage, Dave managed to shed dozens of pounds, going from 240 pounds (109kg) all the way down to around 187 pounds (87kg) and was able to see his six pack for the very first time! He also gained immense mental clarity and focus and felt like a new person. 

Bulletproof Coffee is the end result of his 2 year experimental journey. He also went on to create the Bulletproof Diet, which is one of the first cyclical ketogenic diets, focusing on quality fats as the main source of calories, helping to increase testosterone levels, as well. 

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The coffee is based on ketosis, a state where the body begins burning its own fat for fuel when the metabolic switch has taken place. Once in ketosis, the body enters a survival mode, which causes fat burning because fat is abundant and has more calories per gram than carbs or protein. Bulletproof Coffee contains the ingredients that cause your body to shift into ketosis, thus helping you to lose the weight. 

Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

There are three ingredients in Bulletproof Coffee. Specific high quality coffee beans, brain octane oil and grass-fed unsalted butter. 

1. High Quality Coffee Beans - Coffee is the foundation. Dave switched from tea to coffee because he noticed better mental clarity and faster weight loss when using the right kind of mold-free beans. Regular, store-bought coffee contains what's called mycotoxins, a type of mold that - if not carefully handled - will grow on coffee beans during production. Bulletproof Coffee beans are certified mycotoxin-free, which prevents brain fog and the crash you get from coffee. You can get the original Bulletproof Coffee beans by clicking here.

2. Brain Octane Oil - This oil is a highly potentized version of MCT Oil. MCT oil is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides. They are they key to putting the body in a ketogenic state. MCTs convert to ketones once they enter the body. There are four types of MCTs but only one works the best for ketosis - C8 MCT oil. Brain Octane contains only C8 MCT oil, nothing else. Other brands in the store will sell regular MCT oil containing all four types of MCTs, which cause more stomach upset and don't provide maximum ketone production. You can get the original Brain Octane Oil by clicking here

3. Grass-fed Unsalted Butter - It sounds crazy, right? Butter in coffee? Truly, butter is crucial to making Bulletproof Coffee work. The reason is butyric acid. Butyric acid found in butter is a pre-biotic for the bacteria in your gut. It gets converted by the bacteria to produce energy, enhance focus and improve weight loss by improving gut health. It's best to go for grass-fed as it contains a much lower toxic and hormonal load, something you don't want to add more of when trying to lose weight. Unsalted Kerrygold Butter, which can be found at Spar, Woolworths etc. is a great choice.

The best part of it all? Bulletproof Coffee actually tastes really nice - like a hot, creamy cappuchino. 

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

The recipe is simple enough. You make a regular black cup of coffee using your Bulletproof Coffee beans or grounds. You can use a plunger or espresso machine for this. You then add the black coffee to a blender and add 1 tsp brain octane oil and 1 tsp - 1 Tbsp butter. Blend for 10 seconds. Out comes your perfectly blended Bulletproof Coffee. 

The Best Way to Drink Bulletproof Coffee

It's best to drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning around 9:00, instead of breakfast. You then fast until 12:00. If you want, you can drink a second cup. After that, you can go on eating lunch and dinner as usual. Simple enough, right? 

This simple strategy - BP Coffee in the morning and then fasting until 12:00 -  that's all you need to drop 5kg per month. We've had customers drop 40kg in 8 months! If you want to improve the weight loss even more, you can start the ketogenic diet on top of it all. 

And there you have a simple solution. It's understandable that Bulletproof Coffee is sweeping the world. It's just that simple! Take something you already love - coffee - and turn it into a weight loss tool. How amazing. 

To get all the ingredients you need to start your Bulletproof journey, click here. We deliver nationwide in South Africa within 1-3 days, door to door. 

Good luck!


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