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For those who prefer convenient supplementation, our Capsules collection is your go-to resource. Packed with essential nutrients and herbal extracts, these capsules cater to various health interests, making it easier than ever to integrate wellness into your daily routine.

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Vimergy Micro-C 180 CapsulesVimergy Micro-C 180 Capsules
Vimergy Micro-C 180 Capsules Sale priceR 1,749.00
Save R 424.00Vimergy L-Lysine 270 CapsulesVimergy L-Lysine 270 Capsules
Vimergy L-Lysine 270 Capsules Sale priceR 1,075.00 Regular priceR 1,499.00
Vimergy Celeryforce®Vimergy Celeryforce®
Vimergy Celeryforce® Sale priceR 699.00
Vimergy Magnesium Glycinate 180 CapsulesVimergy Magnesium Glycinate 180 Capsules
Vimergy 5-MTHFVimergy 5-MTHF
Vimergy 5-MTHF Sale priceR 1,699.00
Save R 524.00Vimergy Curcumin with TurmericVimergy Curcumin with Turmeric
Vimergy Curcumin with Turmeric Sale priceR 875.00 Regular priceR 1,399.00
Alpha Male Testosterone BoosterAlpha Male Testosterone Booster
Vimergy USA Grown Spirulina CapsVimergy USA Grown Spirulina Caps
Save R 100.00BodyHealth PerfectAmino - Coated Tablets 300ctBodyHealth PerfectAmino - Coated Tablets 300ct
BodyHealth PerfectAmino - Coated Tablets 300ct Sale priceR 1,899.00 Regular priceR 1,999.00
Vimergy MSM with Silica + CalciumVimergy MSM with Silica + Calcium
Vimergy GabaVimergy Gaba
Vimergy Gaba Sale priceR 1,299.00
Vimergy GlutathioneVimergy Glutathione
Vimergy Glutathione Sale priceR 1,099.00
Vimergy Adapto B-ComplexVimergy Adapto B-Complex
Vimergy Adapto B-Complex Sale priceR 1,799.00
BodyHealth Digestive EnzymesBodyHealth Digestive Enzymes
BodyHealth Digestive Enzymes Sale priceR 899.00
BodyHealth PerfectAmino - Coated Tablets 150ctBodyHealth PerfectAmino - Coated Tablets 150ct
Life Extension BioActive B-Complex 60CLife Extension BioActive B-Complex 60C
Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef OrgansAncestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Organs
Save R 349.00Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef LiverAncestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Liver
Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Liver Sale priceR 1,350.00 Regular priceR 1,699.00
Pendulum Akkermansia (30 Day Supply)Pendulum Akkermansia (30 Day Supply)
Sold outLife Extension Mega Benfotiamine 250mg 120CLife Extension Mega Benfotiamine 250mg 120C
Atrantil Sale priceR 1,199.00
Sold outLife Extension DHEA 25mg 100CLife Extension DHEA 25mg 100C
SeekingHealth Histamine Digest (formely Histamine Block) 30CSeekingHealth Histamine Digest (formely Histamine Block) 30C
Sold outBodyHealth Perfect Immune Defense ProbioticBodyHealth Perfect Immune Defense Probiotic
Save R 200.00Ancestral Supplements Natural Dessicated ThyroidAncestral Supplements Natural Dessicated Thyroid
Ancestral Supplements Natural Dessicated Thyroid Sale priceR 1,999.00 Regular priceR 2,199.00
BodyHealth PerfectAmino - Coated Tablets 600ct
BodyHealth Glandular Organ +BodyHealth Glandular Organ +
BodyHealth Glandular Organ + Sale priceR 999.00
Save R 200.00Ancestral Supplements MOFO - Male Optimization Formula
Ancestral Supplements MOFO - Male Optimization Formula Sale priceR 2,299.00 Regular priceR 2,499.00
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind (3 Week Supply Only)Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind (3 Week Supply Only)
CellCore Biotoxin BinderCellCore Biotoxin Binder
CellCore Biotoxin Binder Sale priceR 1,999.00
Vimergy Magnesium Glycinate 60 CapsulesVimergy Magnesium Glycinate 60 Capsules
Neogenesis Health NeoMag 60s - 8 Forms of Magnesium
CellCore Advanced TudcaCellCore Advanced Tudca
CellCore Advanced Tudca Sale priceR 2,499.00
Spectrum Awakening Anger ManagementSpectrum Awakening Anger Management
Sold outSave R 100.00Organifi Liver ResetOrganifi Liver Reset
Organifi Liver Reset Sale priceR 699.00 Regular priceR 799.00
Spectrum Awakening Super Serotonin SupportSpectrum Awakening Super Serotonin Support
Sold outLife Extension Glycine 1000mg 100C
Vimergy Micro-C 90 CapsulesVimergy Micro-C 90 Capsules
Vimergy Micro-C 90 Capsules Sale priceR 1,129.00
Rosita Cod Liver Oil Capsules
Rosita Cod Liver Oil Capsules Sale priceR 1,015.00
Spectrum Awakening Super Folinic Acid PowderSpectrum Awakening Super Folinic Acid Powder
Sold outBodyHealth Complete Multi + Liver DetoxBodyHealth Complete Multi + Liver Detox
Save R 84.00Altwell PerformeX - Performance In Bed
Altwell PerformeX - Performance In Bed Sale priceR 215.00 Regular priceR 299.00
Sold outCellCore Bowel MoverCellCore Bowel Mover
CellCore Bowel Mover Sale priceR 1,399.00
Cellcore KL SupportCellcore KL Support
Cellcore KL Support Sale priceR 1,599.00
CellCore Para 1CellCore Para 1
CellCore Para 1 Sale priceR 1,250.00
Metagenics Vitamin D3 1000IU 60C
Natra-Heal Fenbendazole (Master Detox) 60C
Bulletproof Coconut CharcoalBulletproof Coconut Charcoal
Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal Sale priceR 599.00