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Discover the Power of Akkermansia for Gut Health with Pendulum

Unlock Gut Health

Introducing Akkermansia, the keystone strain essential for optimal gut health, now available exclusively from Pendulum as a daily probiotic. Backed by top doctors and researchers, our innovative formula harnesses the benefits of Akkermansia muciniphila to support a healthy digestive system and overall well-being.

✔ Powerful Probiotic: Each capsule contains 100 million AFU of our patented strain of Akkermansia muciniphila, naturally occurring in the large intestines. Studies show its presence is crucial, constituting approximately 4% of healthy gut bacteria, making it essential for a balanced microbiome.

✔ Healthy Gut: Akkermansia reinforces the intestinal wall, promoting digestive health and resilience. As a keystone strain, it restores, protects, and strengthens the gut lining, combating digestive issues and enhancing overall well-being.

✔ Improves Overall Health: A balanced gut microbiome is key to overall health. Higher levels of Akkermansia muciniphila indicate a healthier gut, making our probiotic a vital addition to your daily routine.

✔ Safe & Effective: Our formulation is free from harmful chemicals or drugs, non-GMO, and designated GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Encased in a plant-based, acid-resistant capsule, Akkermansia reaches the gut microbiome intact to perform its beneficial functions.

✔ Potent Ingredients: In addition to Akkermansia muciniphila, our probiotic contains chicory inulin, a prebiotic fiber that nourishes beneficial bacteria. Together, they promote a diverse and healthy gut microbial ecosystem.

Elevate your gut health with Pendulum's Akkermansia probiotic. Experience the benefits of a balanced microbiome, improved digestion, and enhanced overall wellness. Take the first step towards optimal health with Akkermansia from Health Synergy.

Order your supply of Pendulum's Akkermansia probiotic today and prioritize your gut health!