Ancestral Supplements Blood Vitality

Ancestral Supplements Blood Vitality

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For most of human history, we effortlessly consumed (nose-to-tail) the things we needed for strength, health, and happiness. Like the fertile ground that we once walked upon, we were a natural extension of this earth. In the modern world, we unknowingly struggle to fulfill our nutritional needs in order to support and sustain a vibrant, disease-free life. We are now part of a world where our blood health is ailing. The solution is to address the root cause with dietary, lifestyle, and behavioral choices while nourishing and supporting our blood with proven anthropological ways that are backed by modern science... this includes the use of Blood Vitality.


Our ancestors believed that the blood of an animal was its life force. They honored blood as a sacred outpouring of vitality, strength, and vigor. They knew that consuming this rich crimson liquid would support their own life force.

The Inuit are well known for their consumption of blood from a variety of animals, particularly seal. Their tribe believes seal blood is the blood of all Inuit people. The elders say "Seal blood is in all Inuit who were raised eating animals. Seal blood gives us our blood. Seal is life-giving." According to the oldest hunter in the community, "Inuit blood is thick and dark like the seal we eat. When a seal is eaten the veins in the wrist expand as our blood becomes stronger and improves in color and thickness. When the body is warm with seal blood, the soul is also protected from illness." When the Inuit are deprived of seal or other traditional foods, they become physically, and mentally sick. They evolved consuming these foods and continue to do so with deep respect to protect their health, strength, and vitality.

Led by Ghengis Khan, the ruthless and bloodthirsty Mongols commanded, conquered, and bowed to no one while surviving on a diet of horse blood and horse liquor (made from fermented horse milk). It was said that when these warriors grew hungry, they would cut a vein in the neck of their horse to drink its nourishing blood. Revitalized and invigorated, they would continue to ride across any terrain without stopping for months in order to establish the largest land empire in world history (covering 9 million square miles!).

The late great Weston A. Price traveled the world to study ancestral human nutrition and he has written about many accounts of tribes whose diets consisted of milk, meat, and blood. These tribes included the Bahema, Nilotic, the Masai, the Muhima, and Neur tribes. Price wrote, "The Neurs at Malakal on the Nile River are a unique tribe because of their remarkable stature. Many of the women are six feet tall, and the men range from six feet to seven and a half feet in height. Their food consists very largely of animal life of the Nile, dairy products, milk and blood from the herds... throughout the centuries these tribes have depended very largely on milk, meat and blood… They milk the cows daily and bleed the steers at regular intervals by a unique process… These three sources, milk, meat, and blood provide them with liberal supplies of body-building minerals and the essential vitamins, both fat soluble and water soluble."

Blood Vitality provides us with all of the nutritional building blocks we need to support our own life force (our blood). Our ancestors knew that blood made us healthy and strong... and thankfully this wisdom hasn't been entirely lost. Throughout many cultures, blood is still honored every day as a sacred food and is still used in many dishes. (Sausages, pancakes, soups, pastries, and even some candy bars are made with blood.) Blood was and still is a highly prized delicacy.

Whole food, nutrient dense organs, glands, and blood can provide great benefit for those seeking fundamental support in harmony with nature — the old fashioned way, the way that our early ancestors did. Blood Vitality is a whole food dietary supplement that contains pure grass fed, grass finished, New Zealand sourced bovine blood, liver, and spleen. These nutrient-dense foods are rich in heme iron, red and white blood cells, platelets, immunoglobulins (immune proteins), vitamin B12, A, D, K2, CoQ10, choline, folate, as well as peptides, cofactors and enzymes that nourish and support our whole body especially our blood, liver, and spleen.