Eterna Vitamin E - Annatto Delta Fraction Tocotrienols

Eterna Vitamin E - Annatto Delta Fraction Tocotrienols

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The secret to a long health span with Tocotrienols!

Eterna™ is a powerful antioxidant that contains Delta Fraction Tocotrienols, which is recognised as the more active form of Vitamin E. Tocotrienol is an extract of the Annatto plant which is found in Africa and the Amazon.

Eterna™ will help you live your best life: happy, healthy, and strong.

With extensive research backing up its incredible antioxidant power, Eterna™ (tocotrienol) can help normalise cholesterol, reduce inflammation, promote bone health, and help increase survival in cancer patients.

Who should use Eterna™?

Every person can benefit from Eterna™, whether you are healthy, striving to stay healthy or struggling with conditions / illnesses such as:

High-Lipid-LevelsMemory ProblemsJoint PainFatty Liver Disease
High Lipid Levels    –     Memory Problems    –      Joint Pain     –       Fatty Liver Disease
Heart DiseaseOsteoporosisMetabolic Syndrome

Heart Disease    –    Osteoporosis    –    Metabolic Syndrome    –    Skin Ageing or Disease