Organifi Immunity
Organifi Immunity
Organifi Immunity
Organifi Immunity

Organifi Immunity

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Nature’s Remedy For Colds And Flus - Finally Revealed!

Getting sick is no fun. A scratchy throat or congested sinus take their toll on our energy and our happiness. Finally, there’s a natural, organic solution. If you’re tired of remembering different pills and gulping gross syrups, you’ll love this refreshing orange juice.

It’s Organifi Immunity: A simple immunity-boosting superfood blend which can help fight the symptoms AND duration of colds and flus. This new formula combines the helpful nutrients you already know, like Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, with revolutionary new discoveries, like Ultrasonic-Extracted Mushroom Beta Glucans! It’s tradition and modern science, combined.

Not Just For Flu Season: Boost Immunity Now And STOP Falling For Colds, Flus & MANY Other Infections!

FIGHT EXISTING COLD & FLU BUGS And reduce the severity of symptoms naturally, without drowsiness or jitters.

BOOST IMMUNITY IN ADVANCE Perfect for safeguarding against germ-filled airplanes, buses, and crowds.

SAFE, NATURAL, 100% ORGANIC While others rely on lab-made vitamins and chemicals, Organifi comes from nature.
DECADES OF RESEARCH AND TESTING Clinical trials show key ingredients work as well or better than conventional means .
SAVE YOUR SICK DAYS FOR BETTER THINGS Missing work just to stay home and feel miserable is a waste.

Nature’s Strongest Immunity-Boosting Compounds


This rare compound is extracted from Reishi Mushrooms. A unique process uses soundwaves to loosen polysaccharides. This allows our MBG to remain twice as potent as other methods. MBG has the unique ability to boost frontline immunity defenses without overstimulating them. 


Acerola is incredibly rich in Vitamin C. It also provides a wealth of antioxidants and other vitamins. However, it spoils very quickly. That means this dense immune-system-booster remained hidden from the world. Now, our process of gently drying and preserving keeps acerola viable for years, and available to everyone in need. 


This tropical citrus fruit is the cornerstone of cold and flu fighting knowledge. Vitamin C, folate, fiber, potassium, and thiamine make this an immune-boosting powerhouse that supports overall good health.


Ginger is already known the world over for its versatile nurturing properties. Among thousands of other medicinal uses, it’s used to combat flus and colds, soothe aches and pains, and even relax an upset stomach.


With thousands of peer-reviewed studies backing it up, turmeric is enjoying a resurgence in the health-food community. The dosage included here is equal to eating 9 knuckles of raw turmeric root.


This organic tree sap is food for healthy bacteria in the gut. This helps the body absorb more valuable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and immune-boosting superfoods. Many nutritionists now say prebiotics are just as important as probiotics. A healthy gut influences a healthier body. 


This exotic fruit grows in extreme desert conditions. That may be why it carries so many body-strengthening compounds. Baobab provides antioxidant support, full-body hydration, and helps to strengthen cellular health. 


From the banks of the Mediterranean, olive leaf has long been admired as a health-boosting and beneficial plant. Our extracts contain the highest amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants. They’re also shown to be anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective.


When zinc was discovered to have an effect on human immunity a mere 50 years ago, it made a HUGE impact. Back then, it was common for zinc-deficiency to lead to an early death at the age of 25. Now, we know it’s a remarkable (and necessary) boost for the immune system.


Zero calories. No effect on blood sugar. Yet, Monk Fruit provides several dozen times the sweetness of sugar. But this all-natural sweetener is NOTHING like sugar. It’s also used to ease coughing, and contains a wealth of antioxidant power.